Whoa! Where is everybody coming from???


Whoa! Where is everybody coming from???

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Well hey there!!   I was super surprised to see that over 200 people have registered on this test website and over 600 have viewed.  Wow, and it’s just in test mode, so sorry for any crapiness.   I’ll try to fix it, since my contractor left me hangin, though to be fair, he released the escrow without complaining, unlike some other contractors.  gggrrrr.   I won’t even get into it.  I’m sure you probably know all the schemes by now.   Just keep going forward!    I’m guessing you all are coming from Upwork, or wordpress, or somewhere else?  I’ll try to put a contact form on here to let us communicate.  Thanks. Keep in touch – lots going on these days!!  JB

gigzeus15 at gmail .com

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